About Us
Pallas Power Systems is the "professional" in design and manufacture of lithium-ion battery systems for both industrial and commercial applications. We develop advanced lithium-ion battery modules and systems with higher power, energy, efficiency, longer-life, and maximum safety.

Pallas provides new energy solutions for the next generation of power grid and industrial applications.

Our products can be widely used in smart grids, renewable energy systems, energy storage systems for power plant and substations, telecommunications, data centers, industrial power systems, medical systems, material handling systems, etc.

Our advanced lithium-ion battery products have the advantages of oil saving.They are environment friendly, light weight and deliver high performance.

Compared with the conventional lead-acid batteries our new generation LCB SERIES batteries are of superior performance.They have longer life, lighter weight and a lower total cost of ownership. They have the ability of a simple "drop in" replacement of existing Lead acid batteries.

Plus our LCB series has:

• 3-4 times the service life.

• 2.5-3 times the capacity.

• Less than 50% - 70% the weight of the lead acid equivalent battery.

• Lead-free and environment friendly.

The products have built in multiple protections like overvoltage, overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit and thermal protection. They come with battery monitoring and cell balance modules to allow the batteries, even in extreme abuse cases, to remain safe and reliable. LCB products are totally compatible with most widely used lead-acid batteries and fully support existing floating charge systems.

LCB are also intelligent batteries that can be widely-used in lead acid form factors and easily connected to form systems at higher voltages and larger capacities.

Pallas have an R&D Department which has a fully functional advanced lithium-ion battery system development and test capability. The R&D and Engineering team consist of talented engineers who have a rich experience in the development of lithium-ion battery systems including electrical systems, electronic controls, mechanical designs, thermal designs, software engineering, system integration, testing, and the manufacturing process.

Pallas Power System can also provide tailor made products and solutions according to customer specific applications. We can provide various types of battery products that can be designed for different capacities, shapes and size requirements, including robust mechanical and thermal designs, multiple circuit protections and controls, all with a Pallas software managed intelligent system.

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